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Top Picks for Gifts This Mother's Day

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Welcome to March! The mornings are getting brighter, the weather is slowly but surely getting warmer and dryer. It was even so sunny the other day, you would have thought it was summer! New growth is sprouting in the garden, and little lambs are starting to make an appearance too! Spring is one of my favourite seasons. It is just so refreshing, and I don’t know about you, but it definitely sparks some motivation and positivity within me.

March is also the month of Mothering Sunday in the UK. A holiday I had always dedicated to my own mother, until I became a mum in 2020. It’s not just about giving mothers a present, it’s about recognising and honouring all the sacrifices, the hard work, the spent energy, the time that mums give to their children and to their families everyday of every month of every year. You never really realise all of these things until you become a mum or a dad yourself. Nights out are traded for movies on the couch, meal planning is often traded in for a toddler’s cold left overs, and while none of us would change any of it, it makes it all worth while with a bit of recognition! So, while we are gifting to our mothers, I thought it would be poignant to select gifts that are also useful for a mums day to day life.

So here are my top picks for useful gifts this Mothering Sunday:

  1. Harris Tweed Bags that are perfect for busy mums.
    While we would all love to carry around dainty handbags and travel lightly, that’s not always a reality for busy mums. For me, handbags, and backpacks, now need to be able to hold all of my essentials and all of my toddlers essentials too. It needs extra space for water bottles, nappies, extra layers, and snacks too! The harris Tweed Dual Strap Satchel bag or the Harris Tweed Spey Bag are great bags for busy mums. Both bags have a quick grab handle, but a practical shoulder strap as well. The shoulder strap is long enough for the bags to be cross body bags too. And inside there is plenty of space for everything you need to bring along with you.
  2. Lochcarron Stoles
    These beautiful stoles can be worn a few ways: as a stole, as a scarf, as a blanket for little legs, but could also be used as a privacy screen for feeding a baby. I personally felt more comfortable when I had more privacy feeding my baby, but if you don’t feel that way – that’s perfectly fine! Each to their own as I say. These stoles come in a variety of beautiful muted tones, and are super soft for little ones too
  3. Wrendale Stationary
    When I became a mum I was constantly forgetting things people had told me, or forgetting to add things to my mental to do list! Baby brain is very very real, and quite rightfully so! Mamas are super busy finding the new groove in their life. Of course we don’t have brain space for things like “must buy milk today”. I used to be able to remember everything, but now my mind is juggling a lot more than just my to-do list. A notebook, journal, or diary are essential for parents.
  4. Mugs from Lisa Donati
    Caffeine, another essential to parenting life! You can never go wrong with a new mug for mums and dads. Especially one that has the most bad ass quotes ever on them! Now she doesn’t have to tell you she “Jist sat doon” she can just lift her mug! No more speaking required!

Whatever it is that you gift for your mum, wife, dad, granny, auntie, brother, stepmum, or friend this Mothers Day, we hope you have a fabulous time. And to all the parents out there starting their journey, or living the dream, you’re doing a great job!!

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