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Standing out in Your Kilt Outfit on Your Wedding Day

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When you decide to hire kilts for your wedding day, you might be very excited to begin searching for the perfect outfits for your groomsmen to wear. OR you may be quite overwhelmed by the amount of choice there is! From tartans to jackets, and then accessories, there really is a never-ending combination of items to create and find your perfect outfit. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, our friendly sales team is right on hand to help you along the way.

Many couples choose to book an appointment with our team to come in and see what we have available. Whether you are looking for everyone to wear the same outfits, or if you are looking for a bit of mixing and matching, nothing is too much trouble. Our team will help guide you to select an outfit that brings the ideas in your head to life. But perhaps you are looking to stand out on your wedding day. There are a few easy ways to achieve this. These can be really subtle changes that make a huge impact in your wedding photos.

  1. Different Accessories

One really easy way to help the groom stand out from his groomsmen is to accessorise his kilt differently. Changing the colour of the sporran, your shirt, your socks, or even your neckwear are all very subtle changes that can make a huge impact in your wedding photos. To help you imagine this our most popular outfit (the Hebridean cairn with our charcoal trail jacket) could be styled with black shirts, socks, and sporrans for the groomsmen. The groom might choose to then wear cream socks, a white shirt, a white sporran. It very simple, but very effective!

       2. Different Outfit

Sometimes when planning a wedding you plan to buy your very own outfit for your big day. It’s such an important event, and buying your family tartan kilt outfit is a great way to mark the occasion. However, we often have grooms come in to order their outfits, and don’t realise that we do not stock clan tartans! But this doesn’t mean you cant wear your family tartan on your big day. What we do suggest is to hire one of our kilt outfits that will compliment your purchased outfit. If your family tartan is red, then the groomsmen can compliment your outfit by wearing a grey outfit, and accenting it with red neck wear. Or if your family tartan is quite green, you could mix and match with other green tartans that are available to hire so that not everyone is matching, but they are toning in with each other. This is just like when bridesmaids dresses are different shades of purple, or when they are different styles, but the same colour. It can add a very interesting detail that will make a huge impact in your wedding photos.

Another take on the different outfit, is hiring a grey outfit for the groom. He is then toning in with the bride as both outfits will be quite muted. The groomsmen could then wear a complementing colour to the bridesmaids dresses. So, if the bridesmaids are in purple, the groomsmen could wear a purple tartan to tone with the rest of the wedding party.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to highland wear. If you are ever stuck, or if you would like help to visualise your ideas, do let us know. We are always happy to help!

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