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Four Tartans For Autumn

Fashion Tartan

Autumn is finally here, and with the change in weather comes a change to our wardrobe. Out with the short sleeved tops, and in with the wooly jumpers, cosy blankets and scarves. We trade in bright colours for those that are warmer, darker, and a bit more subdued. Think browns, oranges, reds, and dark greens.

One of my favourite ways to keep warm in the autumn is to have an oversized scarf or stole on hand. These are great to quickly wrap over your shoulders or even pop over your knee when you are feeling the chill. They are much smaller, and a bit thinner, than a blanket so you can easily pack one in your handbag, or backpack. Our Buchanan Berry stole from Lochcarron of Scotland is the perfect stole for this time of year. It screams autumn! With beautiful shades of reds and yellows, you really can’t go wrong with this stole. It is made from 100% pure lambswool so it is sure to keep the chill at bay.

Our second tartan for autumn is Auld Scotland. Here we have a large lambswool blanket, also from Lochcarron of Scotland. It has beautiful tones of reds, creams, and greys. Measuring 185cm x 140cm it is the perfect size to wrap yourself up in. These are ideal in the home, but also a great way to keep warm if you are still enjoying the outdoors this autumn. Why not grab this blanket, a nice glass of red, and cosy up outside? Just because the weather is a bit cooler doesn’t mean we cant still enjoy an evening outdoors.
We can’t have a list of Autumnal tartans without including The Maple Leaf tartan! Of course, this is a nod to our Canadian cousins with beautiful colours that capture the maple leaf as it changes throughout every season - green, gold, red, and brown. Here we have the Maple Leaf Tartan in a knee rug from Ingles Buchan. Smaller than the previously listed blanket at 98cm x 144cm, this rug is perfect to throw over your knee when outside or in the house. Pack this one in a bag for your next lunch date and dine outside, enjoying the fresh air.
Last, but not least, is the Fraser Hunting Tartan. Any hunting tartan is really ideal for autumn. They always reflect a clan tartan, but in hues that are chosen to blend with a woodland background. They were traditionally used when out on hunt, but are now worn as commonly as modern or ancient versions of the same tartan. They are perfect for autumn, and a great choice for those who prefer to wear brown as opposed to black. Here we have a Fraser Hunting Tartan Kilt paired with the Russet Crail Jacket and Waistcoat. If you are choosing a tartan for your autumn wedding, you really cant go wrong with a hunting tartan!

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