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Bawbags: Supporting Mens Cancers One Pair at a Time


November is here and this month we are drawing our attention to Mens Health Awareness. November often gets called Movember, or no-shave November, as many men are growing beards or moustaches to raise money and awareness for mens cancers and suicide prevention. Sadly, cancer is something that affects many of us, but there are plenty of people and companies across the UK that are doing their part to help fight this disease.

We started stocking Bawbags underwear back in 2018. We met the guys behind the company at the Autumn Trade Fair in Glasgow. We knew that their products would be a great fit for our shop, not only because they are great products, but because this company has gone above and beyond to do their part for cancer awareness. We wanted to be a apart of their story, apart of their message, and of course stock some very cool underwear too!

Bawbags first began in 2007 with the simple idea that they wanted to make amazing boxer shorts, but also raise money for charity. And with that their ideas took off. They have grown from strength to strength now making an array of clothing from base layers to socks. Ever since they began, a portion of each sale has been donated to charity, and over the years they have grown to be able to support more than just one. Today, they have raised over £82,000 for Orchid, the Teenage Cancer Trust, and Medical Detection Dogs. An incredible achievement that is helping our nation’s fight on cancer.

Orchid is the leading UK charity in the field of testicular, prostate and penile cancers. To help raise awareness for these cancers, Bawbags includes a self check guide in every pair of boxers purchased. This is an infographic located on the back of each box which includes all the information you need to check yourself, what to look out for, and when to contact your doctor. A useful guide for those that are not already doing their daily self checks.

As Bawbags has grown they have continued to spread their support into other areas. They have teamed up with the sports they love and now support some of the world's best skiers, snowboarders, BMXers, skaters, and rugby professionals. These athletes not only promote the message behind the brand, but they provide some useful product research as well! Every item that they design is bright, flashy, and fun, because as they say - life is too short for boring boxers. They have incredible designs from scotland maps to pink stags. Not one of which you would find from any other company.

They have teamed up with two very popular sports to create their range of “Rugby Baws” and Fitbaw Baws”. Selling the official merchandise for Scotland Rugby, Scotland’s National Team, Hearts, and Glasgow Warriors, to name a few, is fantastic way to support your favourite teams, and join in on the fight against cancer. And of course let’s not forget the snoods! The snoods have been incredibly popular during the coronavirus pandemic, but they are also a super way to keep warm whether you're watching the game at the stadium or in a beer garden.

Bawbags has also recently gone plastic free! All their packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard. We were really excited to see this change because in the retail sector there can be an immense amount of plastic waste. This is just one more thing this company is doing to help make a difference.

So, this year say no to boring boxers and as they say “check yer baws!”.

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