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The Borders Brownie September

The Borders Brownie

Not a chocolate Brownie, I'm afraid, but a Borders creature of folklore. The Borders has a rich history, having played a significant part in the battles over land between Scotland and England for hundreds of years. But it has a rich folkloric history too. The region's many castles and historic buildings have led to more than a few myths and legends. From Fairy Queens to Wizards, we have many a tale to tell.

The Borders is famously known as the home of the Brownie, an elf or pixie-like creature described as a little scruffy and grumpy but a great help around the house! It's rumoured that they might have inspired the house elves in the Harry Potter series, who also take care of their master's houses and are only set free if given an item of clothing. However, while Dobby is happy to be given a sock, the Scottish Brownies would see it as an insult and take it and leave, promising never to return. That sounds like how I feel when I'm presented with all the washing in the house!

The old Ettrick Forest, which lies just south of Galashiels, was thought to be home to all manner of Faery Folk, including Brownies. The forest was said to be the home of the last known Brownie. This cheeky wee guy liked to play practical jokes on nearby villagers and generally be a bit of a pain. An old religious man finally persuaded him to leave by giving him a porridge bowl and a coin. The Ettrick Brownie was so upset that he was said to be heard shouting and crying all night, "Farewell to bonny Bodsbeck", before vanishing, never to be seen again.

We don’t have any Brownies in store, but we do have some other wee critters that are just as helpful around the house. They aren’t likely to be giving you cheek or getting up to no good either.


Keep the draughts out with one of our excluders:

Flock of Sheep Draught Excluder

Tartan Plaid Stag Draught Excluder


Let one of our handsome friends hold the door open for you:

Fergus the Highland Cow Doorstop

Westie the west Highland Terrier Doorstop.

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