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A Q&A with Alexander Edwards from Aclipse Films, creator of our film adverts.

We love having fun here at Tartan Plus Tweed and always look for clever ways to advertise. So, we were lucky to discover a talented young local man, Alexander Edwards, a budding Actor and Filmmaker, after seeing his viral Irn Bru advert on TikTok.

He has now created three fantastic videos for us; the link to the latest can be found below. We love to support local businesses and creative people when possible, and this felt like an excellent opportunity for all of us. Working with Alexander has been great fun, so it would be lovely to introduce you all to him with a wee Q&A!

Q. Hi Alexander, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

A. Of course! I’m a 22-year-old Actor and Filmmaker, currently studying Graphic Design and Film at Heriot-Watt University. I’m also working part-time in B&Q alongside running my small business, Aclipse Films, through various social media platforms.

Q. Tell us a little bit more about Aclipse Films and what you do.

A. I specialise in creating unique advertisements for businesses to use on their social media channels.
I’ve worked with Tartan Plus tweed three times now. I have created videos for Taylor’s family Butchers, Tile Style, World Class Barbers, and Developing the Young Workforce.

Q. How do you plan your videos?

A. My projects are inspired by music, so they are planned uniquely. First, the customer will give me an idea of what they are after, and then I will research the perfect music for it and imagine what visuals will work with it best.

Q. What do you enjoy about creating your films the most?

A. I have a slight hearing impairment that can make it hard to understand all the dialogue in a film. I enjoy making my videos fully accessible by telling the story through movement. I love that every time I get hired, I get to practice and refine my skills.

Q. Who are your heroes?

A. Charlie Chaplin is a huge inspiration. I love how he made people laugh without saying a word. I enjoy taking a Chaplin approach, using my physical skills to entertain people.
James Dean is also a hero of mine. He was known for his rebellious attitude, and I love that.

We wish Alexander all the best with the rest of his studies and hope to see him on our TV and Cinema screens in the future. You can see the latest advert he created for us here:

Our latest advert by Alexander

Why not take a look at some of the cheeky wee actors from the film too, they’ve told us that now they are famous, they would quite like to retire to somewhere warm and relaxing. So maybe you could rehome a Coo or two? 

Our adventurous doorstop friends.

If you need a movie made give him a wee call





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