Welcome to the Scottish Borderlands
Welcome to the Scottish Borderlands
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Gruffalo's Wean

Gruffalo's Wean

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The Gruffalo said it wid come tae nae guid If a gruffalo roamed in the deep mirk widd. 

How no, how no? 

Because, hae nae doot, 

The Muckle Mad Moose will find ye oot. 

But one wild and windy night the Gruffalo's Wean ignores her father's warning and tiptoes out into the snow. 

After all, the Muckle Mad Moose doesn't really exist...does he? 

When Itchy Coo's Scots version of The Gruffalo was published in 2012 it immediately became a Scottish children's bestseller. 

Now, in the same format and using the same rich Scots vocabulary that has thrilled thousands of readers, the sequel is here. 

The Gruffalo books are among the most popular children's titles ever published, and James Robertson's Scots translations of them capture their warmth and excitement while adding a special Scottish dimension that weans and grown-ups alike just love.

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