Scottish Greeting Card - Tartan Scotties

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Scottish Greeting Card - Tartan Scotties

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Scottish Greeting Card- Tartan Scotties

Why not send a Scottish Greeting card to a loved one today! This card features tartan scotties with the message

"Jist To Say Ah ken it's no yer birthday, An ye've no jist gotten wed,
Christmas is still faur awa, An ye arnae sick in bed, Ye're nowhere near retirement,
So everythin's the same. So why have ah decided, To send you this caird noo,
No special reason, nane at a, Jist to say hello tae you!"

 Handmade in Scotland by Mother and Daughter team - Embroidered Originals.

Textured white card

15cm x 10.5 cm (C6 size)

Blank inside