Scottish Greeting Card- New Home

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Scottish Greeting Card - New Home

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Scottish Greeting Card- New Home

Why not send a Scottish Greeting card to a loved one today! This greeting card features a woman in her new home with the message

"Congratulations on finding the home of your dreams....That's once ye've got the decoratin done
An the new windaes are in, an the carpets have come, Oh an dinnae forget the new bathroom suite
The leak in the roof an the fact there's nae heat ,The cracks in the ceilin, the whole in the flair
The creaky auld step at the tap o the stair. The untidy gairden, that looks mair like a midden
Och dinnae look shocked we ARE only kiddin'"

Handmade in Scotland by Mother and Daughter team - Embroidered Originals.

Textured white card

15cm x 10.5 cm (C6 size)

Blank inside