Kilt Outfit or Suit Carrier

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A handy carrier that holds your complete kilt outfit including brogues and all accessories.
It can also be used for suit outfits. Ideal for traveling and storage

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These quality kilt outfit and suit,bags are made from 600D Terylene which is a durable, heavy duty, spray resistant material creating a robust bag that is built to last.

This kilt bag has been carefully designed to ensure that all of your highland products will be well protected. The carrier itself has a full gusset allowing it to comfortably hold a full eight-yard kilt and dress jacket without crushing them.

All of the areas which come under stress, such as the zips and pockets, have been strengthened with double stitching.

The bag features two expandable pockets which measure 300mm x 400mm and have been designed to store all of your highland accessories from kilt pins to dress shoes. The pockets have also been edged with material to make them wear resistant. These pockets have been stitched across the bottom, preventing the contents from falling to the bottom, enabling easier access

The hole at the top, from which the hanger protrudes, has been reinforced with material and the inside of the bag has two layers of material giving more wear resistance to the hanger.

The carrier has also been fitted with a metal eyelet allowing the customer to fold the bag in half making it easy to carry the bag with the two handles.