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12 Aug

What is Casual Highland Dress?

Hello everybody! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I’m back to continue the conversation about kilt jackets, and what is considered formal and what’s casual? Last week I touched on Bonnie Prince Charlie jackets, Sheriffmuir jackets, and Argyle jackets and how these traditional evening and day formal jackets have evolved over time, yet are still the most commonly worn jackets for formal occasions. So what should you wear to less formal occasions?

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31 Jul

Kilt Jackets: What’s Formal and What’s Casual?

Kilt jackets can be a tad overwhelming if you’ve ever researched how many different kinds there are. To name a few there’s the Bonnie Prince Charlie Jacket, the Sheriffmuir Jacket, the Argyle Jacket, the Arrochar Jacket, and then there are all the Jacobite waistcoats from the Inverness to the Edinburgh Doublet! How to choose! And what is classed as formal or casual?

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28 Jul

Popular Tartans

For generations, tartan has been symbolic of Scotland. There are thousands of clan tartans, district tartans, royal tartans, modern tartans, and so on. These have all developed through years of tradition, years of fashion, and years of commercialisation. Tartans are developed for events, like the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the 2014 Ryder Cup. Tartans are also developed for those that have emigrated across the world but still identify themselves as Scottish, like the Patriot Tartan. Tartans have also been developed for the military, for Royals, and each state and territory within the United States and Canada. But how, out of all these tartans, do we pick one? And how does one triumph over another?

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