Are you making crafts from tartan fabric? Or maybe you are making a pair of tartan trews or a waistcoat and are not sure which fabric to use. Today we are discussing weights of tartan fabric, and which one could be right for you. At Tartan Plus Tweed we have a large range of tartan fabric that is suitable for all your needs. Our wool tartan fabric is available in three different weights, and each weight has a different purpose.

Heavy weight fabric is the traditional kilting fabric in Scotland. Typically this is it’s only purpose. Heavier weight fabric is used, because it not only stands the test time of time, but the fabric itself carries more weight to it. This means that the pleats at the back of the kilt have more weight when they fall, or swoosh when you are dancing! Medium weight fabric can also be used as kilting fabric, but traditionally the heavier weight is favoured. So if you are making a kilt for yourself, or someone you know this is the right fabric for you!

There is then medium weight fabric. This fabric is great for tartan trews, curtains, cushion covers, and upholstery. Pretty much anything that you are making for the home, we would suggest medium weight fabric as it is more robust than lighter weight fabric. It will not be as prone to wear and tear like its’ lighter version. When you are making things for your home, don’t forget that the majority of our tartan is woven in double width.

There is then light weight fabric. This is ideal for bow ties, cummerbunds, waistcoats, ladies skirts, and sashes. It has a luxurious feel to it, and is perfect if you are making smaller accessories. If you are making purses, spectacle pouches, or passport covers this is that fabric for you. It’s key feature is that it is just the right thickness for smaller accessories. You couldn’t make a bow tie out of medium weight or heavy weight fabric as the fabric itself is just too thick!

If you find yourself looking through the poly-viscose tartan it’s key feature is that is can be machine washed. Many people use this fabric for children’s kilts, and tartan trousers. It is also great for those with any type of wool allergy as you can now still wear tartan without it irritating your skin! Our range of poly-viscose tartan fabric is available here. In our tartan fabric range you will find each mill’s own name for that type of fabric followed by it’s weight. For instance Lochcarron of Scotland names it’s lightweight tartan Reiver, so the name of that tartan is “Reiver Light Weight Tartan”. Marton Mills also weaves light weight fabric, but they call theirs “Glamis”. If you find yourself still questioning which type of fabric to buy, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful sales team by calling 01896 208 007 or emailing them at They will be happy to assist you and find the right weight of tartan fabric for you!