Mobile Kilt Hire at Tartan Plus Tweed - Delivery Right to Your Door

The lead up to your wedding day can be one of the most stressful times of a couple’s life. The check list is ever growing and filled with reminders like “don’t forget the cake” and “don’t forget the speeches”. Your mind is running a million miles a minute to remember to pack all the things you need, remembering to do all the things that you need, and to forget all the things that you don’t need too. The week is filled with tasks to complete and searching for time to get everything done. And to top it all off you must remember to pick up your hired kilt outfits before the shop closes. Then you have to get all the lads over to the house to try everything on just to be sure that everything is perfect. It can be overwhelming, and we have decided to offer our customers a new service to help alleviate some of those stresses.

We are now offering our mobile kilt hire service. This involves you hiring your kilt, organising our staff to deliver everything to your chosen location at a time that suits you. We can even wait while everyone tries on their outfit to make sure that everything is being worn properly and fits as it should. The location you choose to get the outfits delivered to can be your home a few days before the wedding or to the venue the day before or day of your wedding. Let the professionals do all the work to make sure you look your very best for your big day.

We are now offering this service to all our customers for their weddings, gatherings, reunions, and other events, within a 40-mile radius of our shop in Galashiels. We offer competitive rates and will try our very best to accommodate your needs. If you have already booked a hire from us and are interested in this service, all you need to do is contact our friendly sales team at or give us a call at 01896 208 007.