Kilt Alterations, Adjustments, and Repairs

Your kilt is a timeless article of clothing, and if cared for correctly it should last you a lifetime. But sometimes your kilt can be worn with use, perhaps it has shrunk in the wardrobe (as we say in the shop), or perhaps you’ve inherited it from someone who is a different size to you. There are a variety of ways that you can adjust, or alter your kilt to fit you perfectly again. 

  1. New Belt Straps

If you are someone who wears your kilt very often, you may notice some wear and tear on the leather belt straps. The leather, depending on how thin or thick it is, can get stretched, and worn away. If this is the case, then an easy fix is to replace your old belt straps with new ones. You will be surprised how much this effects the overall look of your kilt. It brings new life back to a beloved item of clothing. New belt straps can be changed to brown, or changed to embossed leather straps with celtic patterns to add a unique personalisation to your kilt.

  1. Longer Belt Straps

Not all of us are blessed with being the same size we were when we were younger. We often get customers in our shop who had their kilt made many years ago. Over the years our bodies change, and we are not often the same 32” waist that we used to be. If you find that you need just that extra couple of inches to fit into your kilt, you may be interested in replacing your old kilt straps with longer ones. We can replace the belt straps with 8” belt straps, giving you an extra 4 inches to to your kilt. 

  1. Adding Belt Extension Straps

Extension straps are straps that buckle into your existing straps. These are great for quick fixes, or if you have gained weight temporarily for any reason. These are 7” straps, which can add a lot of room for an uncomfortably tight kilt. At the low price of £2-£4 these are an excellent way temporarily alter your kilt. Just be sure to measure your existing strap to ensure a perfect fit. These come in 3 different sizes.

  1. Moving the Kilt Buckles

Kilt buckles can be moved in our out. This is normally a request when the straps are still in good condition, but you need an extra inch or two in or out. Our seamstress hand picks the fabric that holds your buckle on to your kilt, so you can be sure no damage will occur.

  1. Adding or Removing a Pleat

if it was made properly when it was first purchased a pleat can be added or removed from your existing kilt. Our kilt maker can remove or add a pleat if you feel you need more than 2”-4” of alteration. Perhaps you have inherited your kilt and it is just far too big for you, this may be the option for you. 

  1. Shortening Your Kilt

If you find that your kilt is getting too long for you there are two ways to shorten your kilt. A hem can be added, however there is a restriction on how large the hem can be. She uses a blind stitch to add the hem, so it will not be visible from outside front apron. It can be let down at a later date. If you would like a more permanent solution, the waist band can be taken off and the entire kilt is shortened this way. This is a very permanent alteration, so it is best to be sure that need the kilt shortened before this is done.

  1. Complete Kilt Remake

If you had your kilt made when you were younger, or even a few years ago, and you have found your waist size to have dramatically changed a complete kilt remake is an option to help you fit in your kilt again. This is normally for those that. Have lost or gained < 10” around their waist. It can be expensive, and is a large job for our kilt maker, so we urge you to be sure that this is the right route for you.

If you are unsure which alteration is best for you, our helpful staff is always on hand to help. You can always email us at or give us a call at 01896 208 007.