Know your outfit

1. Neckwear – This can be a bow tie, ruche tie, or a normal neck tie. However, always wear a bow tie with a Prince Charlie Outfit.

2. Shirt – Wing Collar Shirts, Dress Shirts, and Ghillie (or Jacobite) shirts are all worn with a kilt. Shirts come in a variety of colours, but popular choices are white or black. Wing Collar shirts can also feature ruffles running frown the front of the shirt, a popular choice for Prince Charlie Jackets.

3. Prince Charlie Jacket & Waistcoat – Available in black, bottle green, or navy. Features a low cut three-button waistcoat. A popular choice for evening events.

4. Belt & Buckle – Although not traditionally worn with a waistcoat, it is now a popular choice to wear one regardless of the tradition. All leather belts are fitted with either chrome plated or pewter buckles. The buckle can often feature designs that can become a theme to your outfit (lion rampant, thistle, or Celtic designs).

5. Cufflinks – Essential if you’ve got cuffs that need closing! Available in blackened chrome, pewter, or silver for special occasions. Could even be tied into your becoming theme.

6. Dress Sporran – Popular choice for formal events. Features a cantle and normally made of animal hide. Bovine or Pony is most often used. Pick a colour that will flow best with the colours in your tartan.

7. Kilt Pin – This sits on the top apron to act as a weight. This does not get pinned through two layers of fabric (a common mistake!). Think of your becoming theme as these can be found in MANY designs.

8. Kilt – Arguably the MOST important item of your outfit. Sitting at your waist and falling at mid-knee the kilt is traditionally of your clan tartan and of 8-yards of material.

9. Sgian Dubh – This small knife sits inside the top of you kilt hose. It also sits on your dominate side so you can grab it quickly when you need it!

10. Kilt Flashes – These are more important than you think! They are the reason your kilt hose can stay up all day long. Without them, the hose would fall down. If you don’t have matching tartan flashes choose a colour that’s in your tartan.

11. Kilt Hose – Being one of the less expensive items of your outfit. It’s good to invest in a few pairs. You could have ecru for formal events, and lovat green for more casual occasions. Check out our selection to see how many colours these are available in!

12. Ghillie Brogues – We offer a variety of brogues to fit your needs from Piper Brogues to Luxury Ghillie Brogues. We have synthetic soled, and leather soled, but the upper is always made from real leather making all of our brogues a long lasting quality product.