Angus Highland Cow Doorstop from Dora Designs

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Angus Highland Cow Doorstop from Dora Designs

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Angus Highland Cow Doorstop

Angus is a handsome Highland Cow who will hold your door open all day long and measures approximately 22cm tall. This doorstop is beautifully made from patterned beige brocade fabric and a velveteen trim. Angus is finished with faux fur and a hand embroidered face. He's weighted with sand and comes to you weighing approximately 1kg - the perfect size for holding your door open.

These door stops are just the correct heaviness for the job, but a convenient size. The whole collection makes a quirky, yet stylish, addition to any room. Dora Designs doorstop and draught excluder range are unique, quirky, and made to the highest standards, which make them the perfect gift!

Dora Designs is an award winning company winning Gift of the Year in 2011 and 2013.