Tartan Plus Tweed Ltd. is located on Bank Street in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. We are a family owned business, that opened in October 2012. We provide kilt hire, kilt sales, Scottish gifts, and much much more! We were not always in the Highland wear industry though. After work commitments took us away from the Borders, we decided on our return that we wanted to give back to the community that we loved so much.

When we did move back we had noticed that the textile industry had almost vanished from our doorstep. It used to be an industry that this region was proud of, and an industry that had been perfected by the people that live here. So, we did our digging and have come to find that while some Highland wear products were still manufactured here, most companies had moved overseas, losing the heritage and history behind each product. We decided that we wanted to help bring some of this back to the Borders.

We dug and dug, and we have found some of the most prominent and excellent companies, based in Scotland. We try to keep this all as local as possible. From the cloth to the final product, we can provide tartan trousers, cushions, cashmere scarves, traditional hand sewn kilts, jewellery, sporrans, belts, kilt socks, and much more that is all still made right here in the Scottish Borders. While we provide a local service, we want to share our findings all over the world and provide our customers with the best that the Borders can provide. Loyalty is at the heart of our business and we stand by our customers who always come first.